Rules to remember

> Look after your Tel-O-Fun key. If you lose it, call the Tel-O-Fun call center immediately.

> The rental bikes are serviced and comply with all the safety standards. Nevertheless, before riding, check that everything seems ok.

> When riding, wear a helmet that fits your head well, and fasten it securely under your chin.
> Treat the rental bike as you would your own so that those after you can enjoy the experience, and you too, to the full, the next time you rent one.

> Upon returning the bike, be sure to press the lock. The rental process is only complete after the bike is properly locked.

> If you encounter a defective Tel-O-Fun bike, notify the call center at the earliest opportunity by calling * 6070.

> For your safety, when riding in the dark, wear bright clothing and / or reflectors. That way, you will be more visible.

> As a bike rider, all the traffic signs and traffic laws apply to you too. This is true for traffic lights and stop signs as well.

>If you have any questions or problems, do not hesitate to call us. The Tel-O-Fun call center is at your service.

Do not
> Do not leave your rental bike unattended. If the bike is stolen, it is your full responsibility until the bike is returned to a Tel-O-Fun rental station.

> Do not take a child or another rider on a Tel-O-Fun bike. The bike carrier is designed to carry a bag only.

> Be sure to ride safely and responsibly. Do not ride “hands-free”. You only have control over the bike when both hands are on the handlebars and you are looking in front of you.

> The sidewalk (pavement) is designed for pedestrians. Do not ride on the sidewalk unless it is marked with a bike trail / path.

> When riding, do not hold onto loads that could destabilize you or make you lose your balance, or interfere with the motion of the wheels.

> A bike is a vehicle in every respect! Do not ride under the influence of alcohol!

> Tel-O-Fun bikes are road bikes. Do not ride them on unpaved dirt tracks.

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