Safe riding

Tel Aviv is known as a convenient and efficient city for cycling.
No matter where you ride, you will surely come across more riders around you.
There are over 140 km of cycling trails in the city, If you ride on The sidewalk, try to stick to the right of the riders lane.
Alert pedestrians around you, and allow other riders to overtake you on the left.

Tel-O-Fun rental bikes are intended to serve the customers after you, and the next time you want to rent a bike too. Therefore, as long as the bike is in your possession, treat it as you would your own.  We make every effort to service and maintain all the bikes on a constant basis; however, when you rent a bike, it is your responsibility to protect it against theft and any major damage.

If you want to leave a rental bike unattended for a while, be sure to lock the bike securely around a solid pole, tree trunk or to a fence, using the bike’s built-in lock mechanism.

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