Riding has added value

It is an established fact that riding a bike in urban areas, especially in a city like Tel Aviv, gets you to your destination more quickly and saves sitting in traffic jams and looking for parking. Moreover, riding at your leisure to work, to school or on errands in town gives you a fully-fledged aerobic workout! Riding also has many other benefits:

Heart and health benefits
riding is an enjoyable and effective aerobic activity. Daily riding may reduce the risk of life-threatening illnesses such as heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Body Weight
Bike riding can form part of a weight loss program or be used to maintain a steady weight, since it is a guaranteed to burn up calories: riding a bike for an hour burns up between 200 and 300 calories on average, and speeds up your metabolic rate.

Promotes a sense of well-being
Research has shown that riding a bike reduces levels of stress and depression, and improves one’s mood and self-image.


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