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Tel-O-Fun – Ride around Tel Aviv-Yafo at your leisure

Tel Aviv-Yafo joins other large European cities in offering residents and visitors bikes for rent.

Why walk or drive when you can ride? Now you can rent a bike in Tel Aviv! Forget about the traffic and looking for parking, and sign up to the Tel-O-Fun bike rental service.
Thousands of people rent bikes in London, Paris and Barcelona every day, and now you can too in Tel Aviv-Yafo. Tel-O-Fun offers hundreds of bikes for rent, at rental stations across the city, in a simple, efficient and convenient manner.


Tel Aviv-Yafo makes you want to pedal  

Think about it – the ability to carry out your everyday tasks, go to and from, and meet with friends, without wasting time stuck in traffic jams and looking for parking.
Now you can to do it all in a pleasant, enjoyable and environmentally friendly way. 
Drop into one of the Tel-O-Fun rental stations dispersed throughout the city, rent a bike, ride to your destination, and return the bike to any Tel-O-Fun station in the vicinity, ready to serve the next rider.
Tel-O-Fun bikes are available 24 hours a day, all year round, in a self-service format. No need to order in advance.

Easy, accessible and efficient.

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