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Renting and Returning a Bike

Easy to Rent, Easy to Return

Renting a bike

The service terminal at the rental station displays the bikes available for renting there. Choose a bike number on the terminal and locate it according to the docking pole with the corresponding number, to which the bike is locked, When the cable is released, pull it out and leave it alongside the pole. You can now set off on your bike.

Returning a bike

When you want to return a bike, ride up to any Tel-O-Fun rental station, find an empty docking pole and place the bike to the left of the pole. Take the locking cable attached to the pole and thread it through the right side of the lock device to the other side of the wheel. Press the locking button until you hear a "click".
Important: pressing the locking button is the only way to end the rental process. If necessary, you can obtain a receipt for returning the bike. Please make sure you have locked the bike properly and then proceed to the service terminal.

The Return screen on the service terminal displays the time of return, the usage fee charged (if any), and dispenses a receipt to daily and weekly subscribers who need one. All riders can receive a printout confirming return of a bike.

If the rental station you chose is full, the service terminal will give you an additional 15 minutes credit to return the bike to another station nearby. The service terminal displays a map of the nearest station with place for a bicycle being returned.


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