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Safe Riding

What you need to know about safe riding 

Tel Aviv is highly accustomed to bike riding. Wherever you ride you are likely to encounter riders of all ages. Tel Aviv boasts approximately 130 km of bike lanes.

Some are on sidewalks or in the middle of boulevards and elsewhere where there is constant interaction with pedestrians and vehicles. If you are riding along a bike lane on the sidewalk, keep to the right side of the bike lane, giving adequate warning to pedestrians around you, and let other riders overtake you on the left.

The 'Tel-O-Fun' rental bikes are intended for everyone. Therefore, as long as the bike is in your possession, treat it as you would your own. If you are going onto or off a sidewalk (pavement), do so carefully without damaging the wheels. When you dismount, station the bike so that it does not fall or damage. This way, other people can enjoy riding the bike after you return it, just as you did.


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