1. Information and Pictures on the Site
You will find on the Site information and pictures that explain and describe the Tel-O-Fun bike rental scheme. The pictures are for illustration purposes only, and you should take into account that there may be differences between the appearance of the bicycles, terminals and docking stations as viewed on the computer screen or in a printout from the computer screen and their actual appearance in real life.

2. Privacy
During use of the Site, information is collected regarding purchases of the different types of subscriptions. The information collected serves solely for statistical purposes and for improving the service and does not include any identifying personal details. FSM reserves the right to keep the information and use it for its needs, subject to the restrictions in these Terms of Use and the provisions of any law.
Unless you indicate otherwise, FSM may send you advertising material and offers relating to its services, through any communication media it chooses. Contact our Customer Service if you are not interested in receiving such messages by fax, email, SMS or automatic dialing service.
FSM may provide any statistical data collected by it to third parties, as long as it does not refer to you or identify you personally.

3. Information Security
FSM implements advanced protection features to secure the information on the Site. Infiltrating the computer systems of the Site or of FSM is a criminal offense under Israeli law. Nevertheless, as with every computerized database, FSM cannot guarantee absolute protection against infiltration of its computers, hacking attempts, exposure of information or interferences and disruptions in the normal operation of the computer systems serving the Site. You hereby confirm that you are aware that while FSM makes utmost efforts to protect the computerized database, it is unable to guarantee the complete impenetrability of the computer systems, and you will not have any contention and/or complaint in the event of any infiltration of the computer systems.
You undertake not to perform any act aimed at illegally infiltrating FSM’s computers, scanning for access channels or weaknesses in its computer systems or breaching the security or encryption systems protecting the Site and the information contained in it, and not to assist in such acts.

4. Intellectual Property Rights
All the intellectual property rights in the Site are the property of FSM and/or the Tel Aviv-Yafo Economic Development Authority and/or the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality (“Owners of the Rights”). Said rights apply, inter alia, to the graphic design, databases, computer code, content and files of the Site and any other detail connected with its operation.
The name FSM, the domain name of the Site and the trademarks of the company and the Site (whether registered or not) are all the exclusive property of the Owners of the Rights and may not be used without express prior permission in writing from FMS.

5. Jurisdiction
Use of the Site will be governed exclusively by Israeli law, and the competent courts of law in Tel Aviv will have exclusive local jurisdiction.

מנוי שנתי - תושב תל אביב 240

מנוי שנתי תושב מאפשר רכיבות רצופות במשך 30 דקות כל אחת ללא הגבלה למשך שנה, בין רכיבה לרכיבה חייבת להיות הפסקה בת 10 דקות, בהן האופניים הוחזרו לתחנת העגינה. במידה ולא החזרתם את האופניים אל אחת מתחנות תל אופן או אם עשיתם הפסקה של פחות מ-10 דקות, תחויבו בהתאם לזמן הרכיבה המצטבר (ראו פירוט בטבלה).

זמן מצטבר מרגע ההשכרה

עד 30 דקות

עד 60 דקות

עד 90 דקות

עד 150 דקות

עד 210 דקות

עד 270 דקות

כל שעה נוספת או חלק ממנה

סה"כ תוספת תשלום









* בנוסף לתשלום דמי מנוי שנתי חד פעמיים

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