How does it work

The Tel-O-Fun service is available 24/7 all year long – no need to reserve in advance.

1. Approach one of the Tel-O-Fun stations around town
2. Choose a daily, 3 days or a weekly access card.
3. Rent a bicycle and ride off (for an annual subscription, see below)
4. When you’re done with the bicycle, return it at any one of the Tel-O-Fun stations, for use by the next rider.

Short-term access cards
A daily, 3 Days or weekly access card can be purchased at the terminals spread across town with valid credit card.
You can purchase up to 4 access cards using a single credit card.

Annual subscription
You can buy an annual subscription  at our Call Center (*6070) .
After you complete your registration, you will receive a “chip” – a Tel-O-Fun key by mail , to be used whenever you want to rent a bicycle.

Validation code
Please note that when you buy an access card, you can set a validation code to be used when renting a bicycle, to ensure that bike rental will only be possible if the renter enters the code . This way you’ll be sure that only you will be able to release a bicycle for rental.

The Tel-O-Fun service consists of an access fee and usage fees (payment for the duration of the rental). Each ride of up to 30 minutes is free of usage fees for the entire duration of the rental card’s validity. The rental timer will be reset for a new metering, 10 minutes after you return the bicycle to a docking pole.

Registration terms
Tel-O-Fun bicycles may be used from age 15 and above. A valid credit card is required.

The service terminal
A service terminal is at your disposal at each one of the Tel-O-Fun stations beside the docking poles. The service terminal offers a user-friendly interface for performing the actions necessary for purchasing an access card, renting a bicycle, receiving information on how to use the system, a bicycle availability map at other Tel-O-Fun stations, reporting malfunctioning or abandoned bicycles and more.
The terminal’s main screen enables you to choose a language – Hebrew, English or Arabic and also to report malfunctions and view nearby stations.
The bicycle rental screen shows how to swipe your credit card or access card.
For buyers of daily, 3 Days or weekly access cards:
Swipe your credit card and enter your phone number for identification at the terminal.
Later on, throughout the rental period, you will be able to identify yourself at the terminals using only the access card you have purchased or using your credit card, which will take you directly to the bicycle rental screen. There will be no need to re-enter any other details.
If you have an annual subscription, you can identify yourself using the Tel-O-Fun key, which will take you directly to the bicycle rental screen.
The screen will present the available docking poles from which you select the bicycle you want based on the pole number.

The bicycles
The Tel-O-Fun bicycles are modern, safe 3-speed bicycles, suited for men and women alike.
The bicycle saddle is adjustable; it is also equipped with smart LED front and rear lights, reflectors, mudguards and a rear rack.
If you have any further questions, please check the Frequently Asked Questions or contact us at *6070.

Enjoy Tel-O-Fun,
Simple, easy, accessible.

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