What's the price for an annual subscription?

Annual subscription – 280 ILS.
Annual subscription for Tel-Aviv resident – 240 ILS.

How can I purchase an annual subscription?

Annual subscription can be purchased via Call Service Center at *6070.

Why didn't I get the discount I deserved as a resident?

If you have not received the discount you deserve, please contact the Customer Service Center at *6070.

How do I renew my subscription?

To renew an annual subscription, please contact the Customer Service Center at *6070.

When and how do I get my Tel-O-Fun key?

You will fet the key via mail up to two weeks from the date of purchase.

What types of access cards are there and what are their prices?

There are three types of access cards: Daily, 3-Days and Weekly.
In addition, An annual subscription can be purchased even without residency.
To list subscriptions & rates click here.

How do I purchase a daily, 3 days or weekly access card?

An access card can be purchased at the service terminal itself with a valid credit card.

I purchased an annual subscription. Can I start riding right away?

Definitely. Until Tel-O-Fun key will get to you, you can identify yourself at the service terminal using the credit card you purchased the subscription with.

Which credit card can be used?

Visa, Mastercard, Diners
Debit card cannot be used.

Will an annual subscription be automatically renewed?

Before the end of the subscription period, you will be sent a reminder to renew the subscription by a customer service representative.

When does my subscription validity begin?

Your annual subscription is valid from the moment you complete the purchase and receive a confirmation email.

Can I hold or transfer my subscription?

A subscription cannot be put on hold or transferred to another person.

Is there a guarantee you're taking when purchasing a temporary access card?

The rental involves maintaining a credit of 5 ILS.
This is not an actual charge and the amount will be released at the end of use.

I lost my Tel-of-un key.

It is important to report to customer service center at 6070* in order to block the lost key and request a new one issuance for you.

Does Tel-O-Fun ave an app?

Tel-O-Fun app will be launched soon.

Is there an additional fee beyond the subscription?

The subscriptions includes unlimited rides up to 30 minutes each.
Between rides there must be a 10-minute break where the bicycles has been returned to one of the stations. If you have not returned the bicycles or if you have made a break of less than 10 minutes you will be charged for usage fee.
For more information on prices and rates click here.

Tel-O-Fun key is not working. What should I do?

Please contact the Customer Service Center at *6070.

What are the terms of registration?

Tel-O-Fun may be used from age 15 and above. A valid credit card is required.

Do I have to wear a helmet?

Wearing a helmet is not required by law, it’s recommended and up for your choice.

What should I do if the bike I took does not work properly?

In any case of bicycle malfunction, it is your responsibility to return the bicycle to the nearest station.
Please contact our Customer Service Center at *6070 to report the fault so that we can get it fixed as soon as possible.
If you return the bicycle  up to 3 minutes from the time you tooe it, the rental will be considered canceled.


Am I covered by insurance while riding?

The User assumes all risks involved in riding the bicycle. The User declares that he is aware that riding a bicycle is a dangerous activity, involving risks such as damage to the person, property, partial or full disability and/or death. The User declares that he is aware of unexpected risks involved with the use of Tel-O-Fun and/or riding the bicycle and assumes liability with respect to all abovementioned risks, including risks involving negligence of third parties.

The User undertakes to indemnify the Municipality and/or Company and/or Authority and/or any of them for any and all damages, compensation and/or expenses deriving from the abovementioned causes, including trial expenses and attorney fee, if any, for the entire amounts they (or any of them) is required to pay, and such amount will be deemed as debt owing by the User to the Municipality and/or Company and/or Authority.

Can I take a child or another rider on a Tel-O-Fun bike?

Do not take a child or another rider on a Tel-O-Fun bike. The bike carrier is designed to carry a bag only.

The bike was stolen from me. what should I do?

Report immediately to our Customer Service Center at *6070.

Where are Tel-O-Fun stations located?

Information about where  the stations are  located the amount of bikes available at each station can be found on the the map at any time.

What should I do if there is no bicycles at the station?

You can also find information on bicycle availability at other stations at the service terminal where you at.

What should I do if I want to return a bike and the station is full?

If the Tel-O-Fun station is full and the bicycle cannot be returned.
You can get an extension of 15 minutes on the service terminal screen so you can return the bike to another station nearby.

How can I track the charges and rides I made?

For details of your rides and charges please contact customer service center at *6070.

How can I update my personal details?

Personal details can only be updated by contacting the service center.

I can't call *6070.

Call: 03-6516070

I would like to suggest a new location for Tel-O-Fun station.

The decision on the locations of the stations is within the authority of the local municipality.

מנוי שנתי - תושב תל אביב 240

מנוי שנתי תושב מאפשר רכיבות רצופות במשך 30 דקות כל אחת ללא הגבלה למשך שנה, בין רכיבה לרכיבה חייבת להיות הפסקה בת 10 דקות, בהן האופניים הוחזרו לתחנת העגינה. במידה ולא החזרתם את האופניים אל אחת מתחנות תל אופן או אם עשיתם הפסקה של פחות מ-10 דקות, תחויבו בהתאם לזמן הרכיבה המצטבר (ראו פירוט בטבלה).

זמן מצטבר מרגע ההשכרה

עד 30 דקות

עד 60 דקות

עד 90 דקות

עד 150 דקות

עד 210 דקות

עד 270 דקות

כל שעה נוספת או חלק ממנה

סה"כ תוספת תשלום









* בנוסף לתשלום דמי מנוי שנתי חד פעמיים

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